tl;dr Into Memoria the Free Company on Midgardsormr is unrelated to our community, whose culture is far different than our social atmosphere. If you want to reconnect with the IM community, hit up Mitton Toque or Kishu Etz. Whether you are an old member trying to meet up with familiar faces or new folks wanting to join a truly welcoming social atmosphere, we'd love to talk to you!

For the new unrelated Into Memoria group, run by Wrixne Lenti, contact him in game.

Over two years ago, I founded Into Memoria with my good friend Runna Hanuman in a small apartment in Peachtree City, Georgia. It took over two months for us to get nearly any response, but once information started flooding in after alpha, our little group skyrocketed to our then-cap of 75 members. In the first month alone, our Google analytics tracking indicated we were receiving almost 800 views a day, and almost a fourth of those resulted in applications. As you can imagine, the applications varied widely in quality. It became clear, in order to have a coherent and enjoyable environment, we'd have to be selective. Selective how?

Into Memoria has always been about the social culture. We had our fair share of dramatic events, as any online-only group is likely to have, but it was always driven by passionate and strong personalities, driven to enjoy the game as a community, defining success as personal achievement brought upon by teamwork and camaraderie. As cliche as it sounds, those who joined aggressively pursued social interaction, with raiding as secondary.

In December of 2013, Into Memoria entered a golden age. With real life constraints, I handed the reins over to Yahiko Rioreusu, affectionately known as Rio, and the rest of the IM officers, including Jobe, Sansa, and Zeryn. They would grow the Free Company into what many people associate the name with now, a group of like-minded individuals bent on enjoying the game and avoiding the dramatic head-butting that plagues MMOs. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and a particularly vitriolic event shattered even Rio's iron resolve, leaving the Free Company a shadow of what it once was.

Rio, upon his departure, left the website and Free Company up so that the old members, who shared memories and held friendships with one another, could still interact. The community had grown larger than the Free Company could ever hold, which was the important part of its legacy. However, a few motivated members, under the premise of revitalizing the Free Company, took control of the in-game leadership in order to bolster its ranks and revisit the glory days.

Needless to say, that did not happen. Quite the opposite. Scores of people were removed from the Free Company who occasionally revisit the game, and those who do come back, myself included, will find nothing of Into Memoria left. The website, instead of being a meta-level method of keeping in touch, was gutted and stood as a brochure for the current leadership's personal vision. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a different brand of FC, but it isn't what IM stands for, and so we parted ways.

Not all is lost, though. Many of the original Into Memoria members, still adhering to the original tenets of enjoyment over sacrifice, camaraderie over showmanship, and socializing over silence, are all over FFXIV and beyond!

If you are looking to reconnect or join us for the first time in game, first and foremost, contact Mitton Toque or myself, Kishu Etz, for an invite to the Into Memoria linkshell. Many of you are still in the old linkshell, now named Into Memoria Archive. Feel free to post a message when you are on and we will move you over!

Yahiko Rioreusu sold his soul to the devil and is now on Gilgamesh. Reach out if you've moved too!

Sansa, Zeryn, Decca, Thanith, Abroham, and Meracle have all quit the game, so they should be totally dead to you.

Several other members (including probably you!) are also out and about, and we have yet to reconnect with them.

If you are interested in rejoining a Free Company comprised of several original members, Mitton has created a small social group extending from his raid group but involving many more, including myself. The roster currently contains: Mitton, Jobe, Rosey, Lulu, Elethea, Krystgeim, Rhoslyn, Jeremiel, Sneak, Glacier, Delirium, Lancelot, Patches, Zhap, and Teradel. We're called Knife and Lantern <<TNBRY>>, and we'd love to reconnect!

To conclude, what remains of the culture behind Into Memoria is gone. However, many of our core members have moved on to greener pastures, and would be more than happy to rejoin or meet you for the first time in game. The name Into Memoria in every respect except for as a Free Company on Midgardsormr still belongs to the old leadership, so please, join us back on this website or in our linkshell!