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House Party!

Yahiko Rioreusu a posted Mar 4, 14
<Into Memoria> is proud to announce our acquisition of the first Large house in Lavender Beds on the Midgardsormr server! You can find our new digs, christened "Memoria", at Plot 6 in Ward 1.

Raising the funds for the purchase was an epic endeavor that let our tight-knit community and teamwork really shine. Dozens of FC members donated their time, effort and hard-earned gil to make our Free Company home a reality. Our crafters churned out high-quality goods, our gatherers toiled in the hot sun, and our raiders cleared Primal after Primal. We had members who steadily fed their earnings from Beast Tribe quests and roulette bonuses into FC coffers on a daily basis, and others still who played the markets like true Lal’ Street economists. We held raffles and fundraisers, engaged in Lalafell slave trafficking, ran a rigged gambling ring and smashed our beloved piggy banks. We even may have sold a soul or two. Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed - it couldn't have been done without every single FC member pitching in.

Now that the ground has been officially broken and the building itself erected, the true fun begins! Legions of Memorians are busy as bees setting up our house into a home. Carpenters are carving out bookcases galore, movers are dragging couches from room to room and landscapers are planting all kinds of flora, all under the purview of our Master Decorators.

As such, our house is currently closed to the public while we design the interior and put the finishing touches on each and every inch. That said, we’ll be introducing our new home to fellow Midgardsormr-ites with a housewarming party where we will officially throw open our doors for public viewing! The party will be held at our new homestead, "Memoria", located at Lavender Beds, Ward 1, Plot 6, on Sunday March 9th, at 8:30PM EST. We would love to have a huge crowd attending to break in the new place and leave a big mess for our new recruits to clean up. We can’t wait to see you there!
Hello Midgardsormr,

Into Memoria <IM> is a tight-knit Free Company that prides itself on our camaraderie and teamwork. We are made up of MMO players from all walks of life and with varied MMO backgrounds, all with the main goal of tackling content as a community of players building each other up.

Many of our members are focused on endgame progression, specifically Binding Coils of Bahamut. We have 3 groups up and running currently and progressed up to Turn 5; we have opened recruitment once again to fill vacant raiding spots.

If you have any questions about who we are, what we're about or any other aspects of the application process, feel free to shoot an in-game tell to one of our Recruitment Officers: Yahiko Rioreusu, Zeryn Acay, Jobe Thistleknot, or Thanith Vivere.

Raiding Recruitment Status:

  • Paladin - High
  • White Mage - High
  • Black Mage - High
  • Summoner - High

Social Recruitment: 
We are allowing applicants who are also just interested in joining us for our social events who want to reap the benefits of a well-progressed Free Company. These members will not be required or requested to attend the end-game progression events, but can still participate in every other way, including crafting, benefiting from our generous Free Company Housing fund, or any mid-level content you may need.

Anyone can apply if you are looking for a Free Company to call home however if you job is not in demand for our Raiding Recruitment Status we can not promise you a static raiding group but you are still welcome to be apart of Into Memoria.

What we would like to see in applicants:

  • Fun loving, friendly, looking for not just any Free Company, but a community
  • Ability to use TeamSpeak during raids and to chat for other content
  • Willingness to keep yourself updated on our Forums on a regular basis

Check out our recruitment video!

If you think Into Memoria would be a good fit for you, please fill out an application.
Just a quick update for everyone, but we're going to have our third Free Company meeting this Saturday, where we will be discussing our endgame progress, some FYIs concerning donations, and a few other tidbits.

Into Memoria Free Company Meeting #3
September 21st, 7:30PM (EDT)

If you'd like to add your topics of interest to the meeting, please post the topic on the forums so we can review it and allocate some time to it. As you can see by our events calendar, we don't have a lot of free time to just shoot the breeze, so we'll have to organize our discussion efficiently!

Speaking of, thanks to the diligent planning of Yahiko and Abroham, we have a very organized endgame event system developing. We still have some laggards (like me!) who are still not 50 yet (curse you, research and marriage...), but do not be worried about your placement. Yahiko et al. are organizing those who are already 50 in getting their best in slot and relic weapons, but we will have simultaneous groups forming under Yahiko and Abroham's iron eyes to introduce the fresh 50s to endgame, including finishing the initial hardmodes to prepare us for Binding Coil.

Please give Yahiko your full attention if you are intending on hitting 50 in the next few weeks. It is imperative you give him your full availability, level 50 job, and commitment to showing up so he can do the best in organizing our groups. He is giving up his free time to help you enjoy the game, so do all you can to make his job easier!

In the coming days, I will be instructing Yahiko and Abroham on how to configure the events that are on the calendar to accept sign-ups from members. That being said, be vigilant in your commitments to the sign-up form. While DKP and required attendance are not restrictions in this Free Company, you can imagine the widespread damage that is caused by signing up but not showing up!

As a last note, thanks for the flood of donations that have been coming in lately. There are still some members who have not donated who really should try to donate, but we will give it another week for people to acclimate to the new preparations. We have already hit over a million and a half gil, which is an amazing start to our fund! I am really excited to be preparing for getting that S-type house, and I can't wait to see what awesome buffs we get for it. Also, we can lock Sansa, Shini, Decca, and the other crafters in a room and tell them to get cracking on our shiny HQs.

Don't think I'm joking. :|

Test for Flair!

Ksamim (Kishu) a posted Aug 13, 13
Alright, guys. Lots of you have helped me here and there with the Craft Exchange, but I need a lot more rigorous testing. To incentivize the participation of our members for the testing of IMCE, Runna and I decided to offer some forum flair for the member(s) who do the most amount of testing of the IMCE. This means a combination of claims, requests, deletions, fulfillments, and all the other things that you can do with the IMCE. Bonus points will be offered to members who successfully identify bugs in the software! There will be plenty of winners if you do an extreme amount of testing, so don't fret if you see someone (Newdecca) far ahead in completions (cheater).

Forum flair can include special username colors and effects, post colors, or rank names. You can see the Enjin announcement post about username effects to learn more.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!

NOTE: Please clear your cache every so often to check that a bug has been fixed. Browsers like to hold onto old data even if an i-frame has changed, so frequent cache clears are necessary to refresh the application. After the application is finished and tested, you will not need to do this.
Memorians, I've been hard at work dealing with my insufferable itch to play FFXIV, like many of you, by immersing myself in preparing for launch. In my efforts, along with the brilliant minds of the officers and crafters we have at our disposal, I have concocted a nice little web application I could really use your help in testing. I call it the...


Craft Exchange

This web application will serve as a nexus for our members to post requests for items to be crafted, materials gathered, or even materia melded! We had a very constructive meeting tonight where we considered all the possibilities that are available to us. The mood was pretty unified, though, this is going to be a great tool for us to collaborate with one another.

The use of the application is pretty simple. There are just a few steps to using the IMCE:

  1. Go to XIVDB.com and copy the URL of a recipe that you need
  2. Visit the IMCE and paste the URL at the bottom of the page, filling out your required quantity, whether you have the mats for it, and any other information you may want to post
  3. Submit! Your request will appear in Your Requests, where you can remove the request or mark it as finished if someone crafts it for you
  4. Feeling particularly giving? You can offer to fulfill an item for another user by selecting Fulfill Item.

I hope you guys really enjoy and benefit from the fruits of my labor. I really could use extensive testing, so please put up items, make claims, release (some) claims, and mark them as fulfilled. While we do keep track of all fulfillments (you can expect some fun competitions down the road!), everything will be reset sometime during Phase 4. The more you guys test the IMCE, the faster I can come out with new features to really make us the greatest Free Company this side of Hydaelyn !

If you think of any great ideas or find any bugs, please utilize our Suggestions thread to provide feedback.
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